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AJB Consulting Group

AJB Consulting Group nonprofit office

Premier Business Development Agency 

AJB Consulting Group nonprofit office

AJB Consulting Group takes a strategic approach to consulting. We are committed to working with you to find solutions, create strategies, and implement changes that will improve your business. Whether you are a non-profit organization, a small business, or a larger corporation, we can help you navigate challenges and stay ahead of the competition. Our team of experts has years of experience in project design and management, process improvement, business development, donor development, content strategy, and messaging.

consultant helping nonprofit leader at AJB Consulting Group

For Nonprofit Consultants:

consultant helping nonprofit leader at AJB Consulting Group

Tailored Support: We provide specialized support to nonprofit consultants, offering tailored reports, templates, and visual data solutions. Our resources empower you to deliver impactful insights to your clients, even with limited resources.

Data-Driven Impact: AJB Consulting equips you with the tools to transform complex nonprofit data into actionable insights. We help you tell compelling stories, drive strategic decision-making, and ultimately, make a bigger impact on the causes you care about.

Strategic Partner: Consider us your strategic partner in the nonprofit sector. We understand your unique challenges and are committed to helping you excel in your consulting role, whether you're a seasoned expert or just starting your consultancy journey.

For Organizations Needing Project Management & Process Improvement:

Efficiency and Excellence: AJB Consulting is your partner in achieving project excellence. We offer streamlined project design and effective management solutions to navigate complex projects and tight deadlines successfully.

Lean Six Sigma Expertise: Organizations facing inefficient processes and quality issues, like Daniel, can benefit from our Lean Six Sigma expertise. We'll guide you in optimizing operations, developing SOPs, and achieving peak efficiency.

Project Visionaries: We understand the visionaries behind successful projects and operations. Let AJB Consulting be the catalyst for your success, ensuring your projects are executed seamlessly and your processes are refined for excellence.

For Organizations Needing Marketing and Communication Services:

nonprofit consultant typing in break room at AJB Consulting Group

Strategic Branding: AJB Consulting is your partner in strategic branding and content creation. Marketing Directors can rely on us for content planning, engagement strategies, and high-quality content creation to elevate their brand's online presence.

Training and Development: We offer on-demand marketing and communications training courses, making it accessible and affordable for professionals and small business owners, to enhance their marketing knowledge and grow their businesses effectively.

Empowering Growth: AJB Consulting empowers organizations to grow their brands, engage their audiences, and achieve their communication goals. Let us be your partner in achieving a strong online presence and effective communication strategies that drive results.

consultant helping nonprofit leader at AJB Consulting Group

For Professionals Needing Additional Training:


This members-based group is for consultants wanting to increase their knowledge about being a consultant, running an agency, creating a pipeline of clients, managing contracts and contractors, all while providing services.


This members-based group is for marketing and communications professionals who want additional training and support. This group is perfect for professionals just entering a MarComm position, needing to refresh their skills, or business owners who need to upgrade their marketing and communication skills.


This members-based group is dedicated to all of the amazing nonprofit development professionals. Where innovation meets purpose, where learning meets action, and where you're not just prepared for the world of nonprofit development; you're primed to redefine it. 

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